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Do you remember overstuffed chintz couches, pastel ruffles, and graphic pop art dcor? Today, the 80s dont have a great reputation for home design, and many of the trends from that decade feel more than a little dated. But 80s fashion is coming back in a major way among clothing designers, and as a result, interior designers are beginning to pull inspiration from 80s home trends.

80s style definitely stands out from that of previous decades, but you dont need to go full-on pink floral with fern accents to create an interior thats both fun and practical. By pulling from just a few 80s design trends, youll add a unique vintage touch to your home.

If youre feeling themajor 80s nostalgia, this list is for you.

Geometric Designs

Geometric patterns were bold, trendy, and poppy in the 80s. Use these colorful designs to accent neutrals on furniture and walls but keep it to one or two bright pieces to avoid feeling like you live in a Katy Perry video. One great example is designer Camille Walalas home designs inspired by the Memphis Group, with unique items like shelves and planters.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands were definitely a trend that had staying power. After all, many kitchens today still have them often in lieu of space for a kitchen table. In the 80s, islands were smaller and had pieces like butcher blocks that home cooks could slide in and out; later designs have taken a more utilitarian approach, with drawers, dishwashers, and other major appliances.

This is a perfect example of a trend that has been upgraded for the modern homeowner.

Pop Art

The 80s in Manhattan were extremely chic and stylish for their time and the resurgence of art by Warhol and other pop artists, as well as.

the insurgence of neo-expressionism, had a lot to do with this. If this is your aesthetic of choice, consider hanging a bright, bold Warhol print or diptych to liven up a dull room. But if you incorporate pop art, make sure you keep other tones in the room muted to avoid overwhelming the viewer.

Southwestern Style

In the 80s, Southwestern style was hugely popular but it was also a little kitschy. The three staples were apricot-colored walls, Navajo blanket patterns, and an animal skull or two. Todays Southwestern style draws inspiration from the era but uses subtler colors and less obvious interpretations of Spanish colonial style. If you want to try decorating this way, keep the leather to a minimum and try layering textures and patterns for variety.

Feminine Florals

It wouldnt be the 80s without dainty florals and dusty rose pinks. If you want to incorporate this frilly, girly look, keep it subtle. One or two accents in the form of throw pillows or lampshades will go a long way, and they wont overwhelm a room the way full wall-to-wall florals would.

Final Thoughts: Keep It Simple

The 80s have been called the ugliest decade in terms of design. In large part, the problem wasnt that the decade had bad ideas; the style was just overdone. Incorporating 80s style can give your home a unique and exciting look, but its best to keep it to a few accents and decorative touches to remain tasteful.

Gentle Dental: Tips for Pain-Free Dentist Visits

Does fear of painful dental procedures keep you from seeing the dentist? Anxiety about seeing the dentist prevents oral surgeons than half of U.S. adults from getting regular check-ups. But with new advancements in painless dental technology and sedation dentistry, there's no longer any need to be afraid of seeing your dentist. Learn how to make your next trip to the dentist pain-free.

Find the Right Local Dentist for You

In the same manner that you would select a hair stylist or personal trainer who really understands your needs, you should do the same with finding the right dentist for you. Find a dental professional who listens, understands, and sympathizes with your concerns. Recognizing that fear of seeing the dentist is a very real concern preventing many patients from getting proper oral care, many more dentists are now trained to deal with client communication and dental anxiety. Search online for dentist removing teeth local dentist who offers sedation or gentle dentistry, and call to speak with the receptionist. Discuss with him or her your concerns and learn how their dental office manages client pain. Don't be afraid to ask the receptionist questions so you get a better understanding of each dental practice, increasing the likelihood of finding the right dentist for your particular needs.

Dentist-Patient Communication is Key

Be upfront with your dentist about your fears or concerns about pain. There are often painless methods they can use, or medications they can prescribe, to help ease any potential pain or anxiety. Also, talk to your dentist beforehand about a signal you can use during a procedure to indicate that you need a break, such as raising your hand. Be sure to always tell the dentist if you self-medicated for treatments for gum disease pain before your appointment. Self-medicating is not recommended as a patient risks serious complications using painkillers or alcohol prior to dentist visits. Your comfort and outcome will increase dramatically with good dentist-patient communication.

New Dental Technologies Increase Patient Comfort

Don't let experiences from your childhood dictate your feelings about visiting the dentist. With modern dental techniques, you'd be surprised how much less painful and invasive many of the procedures are today. Many dental procedures can be now done comfortably without anesthesia and new technology in dentistry has improved client comfort dramatically. Modern laser technology, for example, painlessly treats a large percentage of shallow cavities.

Sedation Dentistry Provides Painless Dental Treatments

Oral sedation is a method used by trained dentists to provide a relaxing and pain-free experience for patients who have anxiety or are particularly fearful of pain. Sedative drugs, including tranquilizers, depressants, sleeping pills or anxiolytics, are used to induce sedation. Because it takes several hours for the medication to fully wear off, this can also allow for multiple procedures to be done in one sitting - saving you time and extra dental appointments. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) may be used, which has a shorter recovery time - allowing you to drive yourself home after your appointment.

At Gateway Dental, patient comfort is always our top priority. If you have concerns that are preventing you from great oral care, please contact us to discuss these fears at 703-726-0333 or visit www.GatewayDental4u.com to set up an appointment.


TUESDAY, Dec. 16, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Men who survive Ebola should wear condoms during sex for at least three months after recovering from the deadly disease, a new study shows.

The finding supports the current recommendations to that effect, according to the authors of the study, which was published Dec. 16 in the journal Reproductive Sciences. However, they noted there is a lack of research on sex and male survivors of Ebola.

"Our exercise demonstrated that the current recommendations to prevent the sexual spread of Ebola are based on one mere observation," the researchers wrote. "Despite the evident need to conduct more research, for now, health care professionals should strongly recommend sexual abstinence or condom-protected encounters for at least three months."

The investigators examined research on male Ebola survivors that was conducted between 1977 and 2007 and found only four studies that contained information about the men's semen. Those four studies showed that the Ebola virus persisted in semen for an average of more than 66 days. In one man, the virus lasted for 91 days.

"The current Ebola virus disease outbreak is the longest and largest we have ever seen. Nonetheless, our results clearly demonstrate how much we ignore about it. Larger studies are needed to establish the social, clinical dental uk biological determinants of this neglected disease," < register with dentist href="http://nobrushingteeth2015.soup.io/post/631302996/Rockville-Dentist-Offers-Free-Consultations-to-People">oral surgery tooth extraction researchers concluded.

dentistry degree uk information

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more about Ebola.

SOURCE: Reproductive Sciences, news release, Dec. 16, 2014

-- Robert Preidt

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2014

Copyright 2014 HealthDay. All rights reserved.


A kind dentist gave this man a reason to smile.

Harvor Davis, who works for a nonprofit that feeds the homeless, was once homeless himself and lost many of his teeth due to neglect. But last Thursday, dentist Lee Fitzgeraldgave Davis a new smile with dental implants, completely free of charge, USA Today reported.

"A million-dollar smile," Davis said. "I could get used to it.

Davis is the senior warehouse manager for the SoupMobile, a nonprofit that feeds the homeless in Dallas. According to its Facebook page, the organization found Davis sleeping in the back of his truck five years ago, with missing and decaying teeth, and brought him into their shelter program. He eventually was brought on to work in the SoupMobiles warehouse, helping to serve over 200,000 mealsin the Dallas area per year, according to the groups website, but still was reluctant to smile because of his dental condition.

"I used to talk with my lip down, not showing the gap that I had," Davis told USA TODAY.

To show his appreciation for Daviss spirit and hard work, David Timothy -- founder of the SoupMobile -- approached Fitzgerald for a procedure to fix Daviss mouth. The dental implant surgery would have cost almost $50,000, but Dr. Fitzgerald agreed to do it entirely pro bono.

Dr. Lee Fitzgerald of Plano, Texas is not just pediatric dental care talented dentist with dentist schooling than 25 years of experience, Timothy wrote on the SoupMobiles Facebook page, He is also a dentist with a heart.

Now, Davis is smiling bright as he continues to help others in need, and has inspired those who helped him along the way.

It is teeth dentistry honor to know and treat Harvor, Fitzgerald wrote on Facebook. He has done so much to help himself and others. I am touched by the heart of a man who comes from a place where he had so little yet has given of himself so much.

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It is used to alleviate the symptoms of several diseases and condition. Medical studies have shown that using it relieves the symptoms of aching, swollen joints that are associated with arthritis. Taking colloidal gold is believed to improve mobility, reduce swelling around the joint and ease the pain of arthritis, as gold is an immune-suppressive and so stifles the autoimmune response and painful inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis.

It is also known for being specialty in dentistry energy and libido booster, as it stimulates the natural cell functions of our bodies. Taking it as a health supplement is also known to help improve mental alertness, as it increases the conductivity between neurons in the brain. In studies, it was shown that people who took colloidal gold daily for a month showed increased ability to concentrate and raised IQ levels.

Colloidal gold is also now being used for nervous conditions that involve poor concentration, memory loss, depression, anxiety and problems with language. It can also be taken as a relaxant, as it soothes dentist england nerves dental school uk relieves stress.

In the 19th century in the USA, colloidal gold was used as a cure for alcoholism, or dipsomania as it was then called, and is still used today to reduce cravings for nicotine, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Colloidal gold cream is used as an anti-ageing skin treatment and there are colloidal gold creams available that offer topical pain relief.

This precious metal is also used in some modern cancer therapies. Microscopic gold is injected into men suffering from prostate cancer to help prevent the growth of the cancer, and women are given gold solutions as a treatment for ovarian cancer.

http://hubpages.com/health/What-are-Colloidal-Gold-and-Monatomic-Gold</ gum infections treatment >

Tooth whitening or teeth bleaching are all the rage among those who value their looks. An attractive smile is like a neon sign announcing a youthful, pleasant and charming personality. It is also the key that opens many doors. Not surprisingly, Hollywood stars and professional singers spend considerable amounts on tooth whitening/teeth bleaching procedures. Yellowed, stained teeth can spoil that important first impression, and even turn people off.

Children have naturally whiter teeth than adults. However, our teeths mineral structure changes with age. Our habits can also influence the color of our teeth. Tobacco use can and does change the color of our teeth, as do bacterial pigments. In such cases, tooth whitening reverses the discoloration, restoring a dazzling smile. Sometimes, it is necessary to have tooth whitening done for health reasons. The discoloration may cause dental deterioration and the dentist therefore removes it on preventive grounds.

Tooth whitening is done by use of oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These agents interact with the teeths enamel, oxidizing stain deposits much in the manner than bleaching agents whiten clothes. When done repeatedly, the bleaching action sinks lower and into the dentine layer. On completion, the tooth whitening process removes all signs of unsightly discoloration and the result is a dazzling white Hollywood smile.

Dentists perform teeth bleaching in two ways. The office bleach procedure involves applying a layer of the oxidizing agent onto the teeth. The dentist flushes away this layer after a short period, bringing instant tooth whitening results. The dentist usually uses a 35% hydrogen peroxide equivalent for this procedure. While it is certainly fast, using this method of tooth whitening is not entirely risk-free. The bleaching agent can damage the soft tissues because of chemical burns and the dentist must therefore supervise the process minutely.

The other method of teeth bleaching involves placing a thin strip of material that holds the bleaching agent directly onto the teeth. The dentist does not remove this strip in the same sitting. The patient retains it for periods ranging between a few hours to several days. Bleaching teeth by this method is not as convenient as the office bleach method and obviously takes more time. However, many dentists advise their patients to opt for it rather than the quick fix method. This is because this method of tooth whitening carries with it less risk of soft tissue damage.

Tooth whitening is not always successful in every patient. Some patients have yellowed teeth because they have been using certain medications such as tetracycline. This antibiotic causes stains that do not respond immediately to teeth whitening. In such cases, repeated teeth bleaching is required to penetrate the dentine layer and bring about the desired effects.

Newer procedures now involve the use of light to speed up the teeth whitening effect. Light-activated bleaching is still in its infancy and needs further study. However, the perfection of this new process can certainly revolutionize teeth whitening, making it a faster and safer process. Other areas that medical scientists need to address are the issues of chemical burns, sensitive teeth, overbleaching and premature loss of the whitening effect.

Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda

Advantages and disadvantages of brushing teeth with baking soda

Brushing teeth with baking soda is touted to be the safest and the cheapest method of teeth whitening. However, chronic use of baking soda is also known to conduce wearing of teeth enamel. So what's the truth?

Disadvantages of Tooth Whitening

We all wish to have a beautiful smile displaying perfectly white teeth. Thanks to the various procedures available today, teeth whitening is easy and possible. But, there are a few potential hazards of whitening teeth. Here is more...

Oil Pulling for Teeth Whitening

Do you want to get rid of your discolored teeth? Then oil pulling for teeth whitening is one of the most trusted natural remedies. Just scroll down.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Having treating periodontal disease tough time trying to figure out whether teeth whitening is a safe option for everyone? This write-up on safety of teeth whitening will make things a lot easier for you in your quest to get that great set of pearl white...

Teeth Whiteners for Sensitive Teeth

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that can help you enhance your smile, and your appearance. Teeth whiteners for sensitive teeth are here to your rescue, if you fear the procedure because you experience teeth sensitivity. You...

Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Finding the best teeth whitening strips in market can be tough, if you don't know which brands to look for. Read the Buzzle article to dental tooth about certain brands that may help you get pearly white teeth.

Teeth Bleaching Trays

Teeth bleaching trays are one of the most popular ways to get your teeth whitened. So let's know how to use these trays and what are their effects.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

Treatment for yellow teeth involves natural methods or treatment at the dentist's clinic. The following article provides information about the various home remedies and other treatment options available for this condition.

Teeth Whitening Products that Work

Exposing a set of discolored teeth is a huge no-no, especially since it indicates that your oral health has taken a hit, with the possibility of not being able to recover from the blow. Save those teeth while you can by getting rid...

Homemade Teeth Whitener

Bring back your sparkling smile with an effective homemade teeth whitener. This article provides some simple natural recipes for the same.

Homemade Teeth Whitening Solution

Opting for one of the many homemade teeth whitening solutions is the best way to brighten and clean your teeth. These remedies are inexpensive, and do not cause any damage to your teeth. Here are some options that you can try out.

Teeth Whitening Trays

Using teeth whitening trays is a great way of whitening teeth at home. Read on to know all about these trays and how to use them...

How to Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

Tired of the expensive treatments to get rid of yellow teeth, but want to make them white the dental surgery london shiny? There is a solution! Read the following article and learn how to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide and other alternatives.

How to Get White Teeth

"How to get white teeth", is a commonly asked question, by people with stained, yellowish teeth. So here are some easy home remedies to get sparkling white teeth for that perfect smile.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Easy and readily available, natural teeth whitening solutions can help reduce the ugly yellow stains and the discoloration that are the result of improper dental hygiene, smoking, and food habits. Read the following Buzzle article...

Teeth Whitening Tricks

Here are some easy but effective teeth whitening tricks that would save you elaborate visits to the dentist to get a beaming smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

Professional teeth whitening methods can come to your rescue if you want to solve the problem of discolored teeth and obtain a great smile. This article gives more information on these innovative techniques.

Whitening Strips for Sensitive Teeth

Are whitening strips for sensitive teeth safe? Healthy teeth seem to become sensitive after teeth whitening procedures, so what about sensitive teeth?

Do Whitening Strips Work?

If you are planning to use teeth whitening strips, you must be wondering whether these can actually help you get whiter teeth. The following Buzzle article will provide some information on whether this dental care product works or...

Whitening Strips Side Effects

Teeth whitening strips are the most convenient method to whiten teeth at home. But gum irritation and teeth sensitivity are the side effects associated with these strips. Nevertheless they are popularly used by many people. The...

Best Way to Whiten Teeth

People of all ages and gender want to have a whiter smile. As your teeth are one of the first things an individual will notice, here is a Buzzle post that will give you tips and suggestions on flashing a flawless bright smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening System

Nowadays, teeth whitening has gained a lot of popularity, as everyone loves to have white and sparkling teeth. The laser whitening system is one of the most popular methods for teeth enhancement. This Buzzle article contains the...

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

A dazzling, bright, beautiful smile is on everyone's wish list. To get it, some even pay an expensive visit to specialty dental dentist, while others resort to teeth whitening kits. Here are some home remedies for whitening your teeth the good...

How does Teeth Whitening Work?

Tooth bleaching is a process of using tooth whiteners in the form of bleaching agents to remove stains and discoloration in teeth. There are two option to get white teeth: in-office-based bleaching or at-home bleaching.


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EAST LYME - Hundreds of people unable to afford dental care were able to take part in a free dental clinic Sunday morning at East Lyme High School.

Adults and children were welcome, but it was on a first come, first serve basis.

The clinic was sponsored by the Connecticut Mini Mission of Mercy the dental practice many thankful participants left with huge, bright smiles.

dental operation than 400 people - adults and children - filtered in and out of 30 chairs Sunday.

Almost 600 volunteers from all over the state, and other states, donated their services and time.

Bob Schreibman, a retired pediatric dentist and founder of the clinic, said a visit can be "life-changing" for a patient.

"It really means a lot if somebody`s smile is given back to them and they`re made happy," he said. "Some of them can go out and get a job and do other things that were holding them back."

Michelle Smith of New London saw a flyer and headed to the dental surgery</ decayed teeth treatment > clinic for new fillings since she doesn`t have dental insurance.

"I mean, you come in, don`t have to wait," she said. "People - volunteers and doctors - they`re absolutely wonderful.

For more information on upcoming Mission of Mercy dental clinics click here.


When it comes to creating convenient space in the home, safety and simplicity are two important factors, each equally valuable. Of course, finding both is priceless!

Ever found yourself needing some extra hanging space on the wall? Wanted to put up a hook in your laundry but are afraid of leaving http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/whiteningt401/1/1444239752/tpod.html unsightly hole? Have a poster or print which will look great in your living room, but don't want to use adhesive tack which will leave a stain or a mark? There's actually a very simple solution, in the form of the 3M range of Command Strip products.

These seriously clever adhesive strips are specially designed to mount hooks or posters to your wall without leaving any damage to your wall. Command strips are made from synthetic rubber resin so will stick to most smooth surfaces, and are completely water resistant - which means you can use them in the bathroom or laundry. Most impressively, Command strips can hold up to 3kgs of weight. Not bad for something so small!

The 3M Command Strip range includes many multi-purpose attachments, from different kinds of hooks for everyday use, to clips for hanging paperwork in your home or office. There are even specialised poster strips and frame hangers to hang your favourite posters or framed pictures without pins, nails or tack. And, for ultimate convenience, Command Strip packs even come with extra strips should you need to reposition your hook or poster, or put it up somewhere else entirely. (After all, isn't variety is the spice of life?)

Applying your Command Strips

It's very easy to apply your 3M Command Strips, whatever you wish to use them for. Each double-sided strip has one side which attaches firmly to the wall, while the other will attach to the hook, clip or poster you wish to hang. Simply stick and press - that's all there is to it!

For use with heavier items, it is best to leave your hook for a good hour or more, before hanging anything on it. And make sure that you don't apply these strips to delicate wallpaper or newly painted surfaces, as you may not get the right results. However, most surfaces work perfectly with Command Strips; just follow the instructions or check the http://affordableteethwhitening2015.shutterfly.com/affordableteethwhitening2015 for http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=37827753&u=38358073 details on where to apply them.

How to safely remove Command Strips

However, the real magic of the 3M Command Strips is in their simple and - best of all - damage-free removal. The stretch-release technology makes it even easier to remove the strips than it is to apply them - making life that much easier! Simply press on the adhesive area, grab hold of the Command Strip tag behind it, and pull down. The strip will stretch and come away from the wall - without leaving any marks or damaging http://assurantdental2015.blox.pl/2015/10/Free-dental-work-provided-to-dozens-of-local.html surface. Just like magic!

If the strip breaks while you're pulling it, or the tab comes off, there's no need to panic. You can still easily remove it without damaging the wall surface. Soften the adhesive by warming the area with a hairdryer. Mendelsohn Dental on Royal is a family orientated dental clinic with a focus on all aspects of general dentistry from preventive care and examinations to teeth whitening, amalgam replacement, porcelain veneers, oral surgery, dental implants, custom mouth guards and more.Then peel the strip away from the wall using a strong thread; dental floss works perfectly for this. Just slide the thread or floss along the back of the strip and you'll be able to remove your hook and peel off the remains of the strip. Even if this happens you will still find your wall is damage-free!

So there you have it - a simple and safe mounting system for your home. You don't have to damage your home to make it better. Just try 3M Command Strips.

By: Vincent A Rogers

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Vincent Rogers is a finance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For picture hangers, he recommends 3mselect.co.uk


On average, mini dental implants cost around 1000 dollars, this being said this is a very, very rough guide and a lot of factors are involved that could be potentially make them much more expensive as well as cheaper than the price quoted.

Many people have considered getting mini dental implants because they can be a lot cheaper than the traditional implants were used to getting from the dentist. As a general rule, this kind of treatment is typically around half the price of regular treatment but in some cases it can even be up to 75% cheaper. The price will depend on the treatment involved, but if you opt for mini implants you could come away with a good result for a lot less money.

Not a lot of people know how much these implants cost and how much easier that could be to get. Although there may be some estimates as to how much each implant costs (usually the mini denture implants are within a very rough dental price range of between 500 and 1,500 dollars but can easily get into the 5k bracket), there are a number of factors that can and will affect the price.

Mini Dental Implants Price - 9 Important Cost FactorsWhat's Required?The treatment you need, including that which occurs before and after your implants are added How complex your case is?Remember, no two cases will be <<a href="https://cheapdentistresource.wordpress.com/?p=14">teeth cleaning by dentist href="http://www.slideshare.net/childrensdentistreviews2015/teen-survivor-arrives-home-searchers-find-wreckage">braces same, and there are likely to be a number of differences between any two people Recovery Time. The speed with which you recover (If you recover slowly you may need more painkillers or other solutions) Which Teeth?Where your implants are placed. Implants in the upper jaw usually cost a little more than those in the lower jaw Dental Issues. Any complications that are associated with the procedure/implant Dental Clinic Location. If there are no other dental practices around, you could face a pretty steep cost for your mini dental implants. Which dentist you choose. Some dentists will just simply charge a lower dental implant cost than others. Dentist Quality. The level of experience your chosen dentist has. The more experienced they are, the more they are likely to charge. Competition. How many dentists there are in the local area that offer mini denture implants. If there arent many you could find that the price is high as competition will be low Traditionally Lower

The good news is the cost of this treatment is traditionally lower than regular implants. This may still even be the case if you need a lot of treatment before and after your implants are inserted.

You may be tempted to try to get the cheapest minature dental implants that you can, but as with anything the cheapest option may not necessarily be the best. The less experience your prospective dentist has, the cheaper the treatment is likely to be. This is not to say than a less experience dentist will not be any good, but if you want the peace of mind that comes with experience, you should be willing to pay a littledental cleaning cost.

Mini implants are usually quicker and easier for the patient and for the dentist, plus there are likely to be fewer appointments too. This means there is the potential for you to get the treatment you want, a lot quicker and cheaper than it would ordinarily be.

Talk to Your Dentist

One of the best things you can do to determine how much your treatment will be is to talk to your dentist. He or she should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimation, but the final cost may be higher or lower than originally planned.

Before you set your heart on this procedure you should be aware that your dentist may decide this is not the right treatment for you. There could be a number of different reasons why he or she could advise against it. If you insist on a dental implant they will try to accommodate you unless your health is likely to be at risk.

If youre looking for a quick fix treatment you may not get the results you really need. Therefore it could be better to stick with a more traditional treatment that could be more effective in the long run. Whatever your query is, dont be afraid to talk to your dentist about mini dental implants as they can cause less fuss and help you get your smile back.


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